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Merchant Vessels of the United States is a data file of merchant and recreational vessels documented under the laws of the United States by the U.S. Coast Guard. The source for this file is the U.S. Coast Guard's Marine Safety Information System (MSIS) database, a comprehensive system serving many Coast Guard marine safety operating programs. The data file of merchant vessels has been specifically prepared from several data tables contained in MSIS. This data has been used as source data for publication of Merchant Vessels of the United States.

A Merchant Vessel Database data file consists of vessel particulars and managing owner identification information. For vessels, the file contains the vessel name, official number, hull identification number, builder, managing owner name, particulars such as tonnage and length, port of documentation (homeport), and authorized trade endorsements. Hailing port is not contained in the data file, and there are no foreign vessels in this file. For managing owners, the complete mailing address is provided.

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