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Todd & Associates, Inc. is now offering the additional service of Infrared Imaging. This innovative State-of-the-Art service can avoid costly destructive testing, as well as reassure all parties involved in damage claims, that all damages have been identified. No longer is there a need to 'start cutting holes' in order to determine the extent of damages. As we've known for years 'a picture is worth a thousand words.'

The non-destructive nature of Infrared Thermography is based on a sensitivity of .02 degree Fahrenheit and the video camera sees infrared radiation transfer through various materials, the infrared video camera then displays the temperature differential, and offers instant still and motion video pictures.

The proven application of this State-of-the-Art infrared equipment and technology has always been too expensive for practical application in the marine industry -- until now!

Typical application and uses include:

The application of Infrared Thermography in the marine inspection and repair community has never before been as accurate and inexpensive. Call our office for a free analysis of your specific needs, and an estimate of costs.