Maritime Information Systems

Maritime Information Systems is no longer being distributed. For US documentation information contact the USCG Falling Waters, West Virginia (800) 799-8362

Documented Vessel Database
Maritime Information Systems' first CD-ROM was released in 1992. The Windows based program contains four U.S. Coast Guard databases which, although public information, was never easily accessible until the Version 1.0 release.

Todd & Associates conceptualized and produces this CD-ROM which is currently used by all areas in the maritime industry including marine surveyors, insurance companies, marine lenders, State and Federal agencies; including Marine Patrol Boating & Waterways, USCG, National Transportation Safety Board, any many other private and public agencies.

Maritime Information Systems (MIS)
Maritime Information Systems
MIS consists of 4 United States Coast Guard databases: Merchant Vessels of the US (including recreational vessels, MIC code database, recreational Recall & Defect database and RBAR (Recreational Boating Accident Reports).

Merchant Vessel DataBase (MVDB)
USCG Merchant Vessels of the US - Documented Vessels

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